Police Forces

There are 43 territorial police forces across England and Wales. Here we have compiled an alphabetical list of police forces to assist you.

In order to find details of your local police force and whether your local or desired force is recruiting for Police Officer, Police Staff, Special Constables, or Police Volunteers roles, select the force you are interested in below.

If any force is recruiting, the force will make the police recruitment process clear on their individual websites. Follow the information they give you carefully. Failure to follow instructions may be enough for you to be excluded from the recruitment process.


There are 39 Police Forces in England, click on the force that you are interested in and to see if they are recruiting.

List of The Police Forces in England


Wales is divided into 4 Police Forces

Police Forces in Wales


Police Scotland is now unified as 1 Force area

Police Scotland

Northern Ireland

The Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) is one Force

Police Service of Northern Ireland

​Other Local Forces

National & Other UK Police Forces

In addition to the ‘regular’ police forces, there are other police forces covering different jurisdictions;

British Armed Forces Police

British Armed Forces have their own police forces as part of their structure.

Ministry of Defence (MOD)

The MoD Police maintains order amongst MoD personnel.

If you are considering joining the police, check out this article to understand what qualifications you need.