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Police Vetting - What do they check

Police Vetting [What Do They Check?]

Confused by police vetting? You don’t need to be. We are going to take you through what to expect from police vetting. We will go through the types of questions that you are likely to be asked as part of the vetting process as well as give you some of our top tips to give yourself the best chance of passing your vetting.

UK Police Rank Structure Explained

UK Police Ranks Explained

All UK Police Forces use the same rank structure, except for the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police. Due to their size, they have additional ranks. In this article, we will take you through the UK Police Ranks and the abbreviations that are used for each of these.

Civilian Police Jobs: Police Staff Jobs [You May Be Surprised]

There are a number of different Police Officer and Police Staff Jobs within policing, all of which require different skills and abilities. Here, we will focus on police staff roles, these were previously called police civilian roles; hence the title of this article. There are over 100 roles within policing that are not the role of a police officer. These roles are integral to policing.

Working in CID

Careers in Policing: Working in CID

When you start a career in policing, you’ll quickly realise how many different roles are involved with policing. Working in the CID is one such role. Each day, you can work with different departments, dealing with a host of different crime types. A career in CID may be a stepping stone to working in different investigative departments, each of these departments includes specialised jobs that require different skillsets, so it’s important to figure out which type of investigative work you’re interested in before you move forward with your career.
In this article, we are going to explore what it is like to work in CID (Criminal Investigation Department), what specific skills set you will need to work in CID, this way you can decide whether a career in CID is for you.

Police Fitness Test

What does the Police Fitness Test involve? [Plus Top Tips]

When you’re applying to become a police officer, detention officer or another operational role, your fitness level is a vital component of the overall picture. Not only is it important that you’re physically fit to the level expected of a police officer, but it’s equally important that you’re willing to work hard and stay fit. This article with take you through what the police fitness test involves in the UK and will give you some top tips on how to prepare for and, more importantly, how to pass the police fitness test.

UK Police Abbreviatons - Police Slang

Police Abbreviations UK: The ULTIMATE Police Jargon Buster!

Policing in the UK is carried out by 43 separate police forces, not including the British Transport Police. Each force has its own police abbreviations. They can be confusing at first, but luckily there a lot of these are common across the forces. Check out our police jargon buster now!

UK Police Phonetic Alphabet

UK Police Phonetic Alphabet

Like many other countries, the United Kingdom police uses the phonetic alphabet for error-free communication via radio. The system is made up of words beginning with a letter from the alphabet. For more about the origin of the UK phonetic alphabet, a printable of the UK police phonetic alphabet and games to help you learn how to seamlessly use the phonetic alphabet, read on!