What is the role of a special constable

What’s special about the Special Constabulary?

What is the role of Special Constables? Do you have questions about what Special Constables do, what powers they have, or even, how can you become a Special Constable? You’re in the right place! We will take you through the role of a Special Constable, the application process and what to expect at training school and beyond!

Can I Join The Police At 50

Can I Join The Police At 50 [UK]?

Can I join the police at 50 is a question we often get. It’s not surprising that more people have multiple careers in a lifetime. And maybe becoming a police officer is your second career. So, let’s get into what ages you can join the police and other issues you may want o to consider.

Firearms Police Salary UK

Firearms Police Salary [UK]

Ever wondered how much a police firearms officer makes? Whether you’re just curious or are considering a career as an armed officer, this article will take you through everything you need to know, including what they earn, as well as what subscriptions they need to pay for.

What Should I Study To Become A Police Officer

What Should I Study To Become A Police Officer?

What should I study to become a police officer is a common question that we all get asked by diligent students who are considering a career in policing. This article will take you through some of the main challenges a police officer faces and what is best to study at GCSE, A level, and degree level to become a police officer.

Do Police Officers Need A Firearms License

Do Police Officers Need A Firearms License? [UK]

Do police officers need a firearms license is an interesting question that we often get asked. So, we thought we’d answer the question here for you. There are two answers to this question, depending on whether the officer is on duty or not.

How To Join Armed Police UK

How To Join The Armed Police – UK [Step By Step Guide]

Whether you are already a police officer, want to become one, or have a military background and are looking at transitioning onto the police, you may be wondering how to join armed police in the UK. In this guide, we will take you through all of the steps that you will need to go through, in order to join the armed police.

What GCSEs Do You Need To Be A Detective UK

What GCSEs Do You Need To Be A Detective [UK]?

With more and more complex crimes being commonplace, the police need more skilled detectives in order to tackle these criminals. A career as a deceptive can be a really rewarding one, so let’s get into what GCSEs you need to be a detective as well as some other important things that you need to know.

What are the main challenges faced by a special constable

What are the main challenges faced by a special constable?

What are the main challenges faced by a special constable is a question that we are often asked about. It is without a doubt that this is a very rewarding role, however, as with anything you do it is not without its challenges. Having spoken to hundreds of serving and ex-special constables we have come up with a list of what we believe at the top challenges to being a special constable and we’ve included our top tips on overcoming these.

Do Special Constables Get Free Travel

Do Special Constables Get Free Travel?

The question do special constables get free travel? Is one that crops up regular basis. It’s understandable why you would want free travel, after all, you’re giving up your time for free. Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer to this as it differs force by force and over time. The ability to offer free travel is in the hands of the transport providers in each of the respective forces and not the force itself.

Police Support Volunteers UK

Police Support Volunteers UK [What You Should Know]

Police Support Volunteers are an invaluable asset to the UK police force. They give their time for free and undertake a variety of roles. The role can be fantastic for anybody wanting to develop their skills and gain some work experience, or for those wanting to give something back and make their community a better place for everybody.